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I might be a few minutes late.


All my plants died.


He has transmitted all his knowledge to his son.

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Maybe you should ask.

What do you think of our love?

Even if I knew, I couldn't tell you.

We've baked some cakes for them.

The apple looked good, but the inside was rotten.

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You're asking the wrong person.

Have you already heard that he has finally returned home?

Those who often break their promises are never trusted.

Which group do you want to join?

That is one of the ugliest dogs I have ever seen.

She took offense at something.

Don't eat fast food!

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It'll cost around ten thousand yen.

But that he was idle, he would have succeeded.

The sea was raging against them more and more.

There's a cure for everything, except death.

Niels said I didn't have to do that.

Anyone hurt?

What's the name of Joshua's boat?

That was a close call.

She left Osaka yesterday.

Steen's idea is brilliant.

I could go with Stu.


Why don't you tell me what to do?

Irving gave me one crore rupees.

You were supposed to be there by 2:30.

Socorrito is a bad kisser.

Please take more care in the future.

As children get bigger, they grow out of their clothes.

It was cloudy yesterday.

She has to go shopping in the afternoon.

You're the only other person who knows why Stagger was fired.


The Sun has never claimed that the newspaper is error-free.

Pablo seems to be lost.

We met him on the way there.

So where does he live?

I love my cat.

What have we gotten into?

I want to be Bonnie's friend.

Speculation is growing apace.

This job requires a few essential tools.


Do you want to buy the position with your wealth?

He isn't our enemy.

What a dick!

How do you know all of this, Nicolo?

Do you feel like a drink?

I was off duty.

She disassembled a TV set.

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Doyle had a point.


King still can't read.

She's so racist.

Are you psychic?

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Do you live in this area?


I believe Johann is mistaken about that.

They will cut down on their expenses.

The largest English dictionary has over 450,000 words.


That's what makes us different.

The Jordan River is the only river flowing into the Dead Sea.

Brenda didn't give up hope.

Can you substantiate that claim?

I'm not sure where I should put this.


I'm not paying for it.


The food looks very delicious.

Why should there be a problem?

Freedom of speech is taken as a matter of course.


I don't think Dan would make that decision.

Nuclear power is stymied by the new laws.

I'm grateful to be alive.

It's not really up to me.

I have an apology to make.

Does Coca-Cola have caffeine in it?

I don't believe Christofer.


I don't want him to see this.

How do they look?

She lives on the ground floor.

I had no idea what I should write.

I don't want you to worry so much about it.


Darci and I weren't friends.

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I'll call you as soon as I get to Chicago.

Earl did some work for our company a few years ago.

I know Vistlik will get out of this.


I guess right nine times out of ten.

The girl opened her eyes, saw the bear, and fled toward the window.

Brave man as he was, he recoiled at the sight.

I must reject your request.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day.


I told Eddie about it yesterday.

We could hear helicopters approaching.

Hans wiped his hands on the dirty towel.

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I want to know the facts.


No one has panicked.

I just got a raise.

I just came by to see how you were.

You're supposed to meet Leigh in front of his hotel in about an hour.

Is your car comfortable?

I feel helpless.

It's neither milk nor whey.

He speaks Japanese very well.

He knew more than all the school put together.


Translation is the language of Europe.

Can you write in Braille?

With my dictionary I can translate anything!


I would never join a secret society.

I do not know every one of them.

The time when such things could happen is past.

She needs time to relax.

Please come see me tomorrow.


The music has been mastered so loud for that album, that even non-audiophiles have complained about it.

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I don't see you as a teacher.

At school he was always at the top of his class.

Let's just go see him.


Tovah is ignoring me.

I need a red pen.

They won't find it.

I wish I had known the truth.

It is necessary that we provide for the future.

A whisper ran through the crowd.

I can deal with it.

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Spass goes jogging every morning.


I'm a member here.

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If you'll wait a moment, I can help you.

She was tempted to call his bluff, hardly believing that he would carry out his threat.

Do you think anyone can see us?


That's how I like things.

Not all the students attended the meeting.

Jaime told me that he enjoyed the drive.

I could come back later.

Give her time.

Fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and astatine are halogens.

There's nothing to understand.

It's a deep feeling, yes really.

I won't be going to Boston on Monday.

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I'm done for.

For better or worse, we can't do anything but leave this matter up to him.

Ilona works as a sign language interpreter.


Laurence was obviously mistaken.

How much is the commission?

A child is not a vessel for filling, but a fire to light.


This was supposed to be simple.

The magazine revealed all his dirty secrets.

There was a detour on the road.

I haven't actually met Ritchey yet.

The police will never find us.


Nobody had ever heard of it.

Let's try to have a nice day.

This winter the record for snowfall was broken.

All that Isabelle knew was that Merat was lying.

He's going to eat you alive when he finds out the truth.

They came from far away.

I can write what I want in my diary.

Hillel isn't Jacob's father.

I'm going to ride him until he dehydrates through ejaculating.

Terri said he needed to get in touch with Polly.

Just ask him to give it back.


I'll recommend him as chairman, whether you are in favor of it or not.

My parents would never allow me to go to Boston with you.

My world is as big or as small as my imagination.

We must call the doctor because I am sick.

This happened often in the spring.